Have you ever heard of a sleep Apnea Home Testing Service? If you have not, you are not the only one. There are millions of Americans who are suffering from sleep apnea, but not everyone really knows how to check if they actually suffering from sleep apnea or not. Of course there are many symptoms of sleep apnea which you can use as a pointer whether you are suffering from it or not. However, in order to be sure you should always use the sleep apnea home testing service which is simple, fast and very precise. If the test comes positive i.e you have sleep apnea, you would then be more willing to take an appointment with your doctor for treatment. Don’t delay. Put aside your time for your partner, spouse or family sake.

How to choose the right sleep apnea home testing service

There are several products out there that serve as sleep apnea home testing service, but one among the more popular ones is the FDA approved Watch PAT 100. The popularity of this product might be because it is user friendly and very simple to use – all you have to do when you want to take the test is to strap it on your wrist.

How Does It Work?

When you install it on your wrist the contraption starts monitoring your peripheral arterial tone or as it more often known as PAT. The PAT is measured and monitored because this would give a very accurate picture about the way the respiration takes place during your sleep through the readings that it would get. From those readings the levels of oxygen in the blood, the time spent awake or asleep as well as the pulse rate can be evaluate.

The device is exceedingly accurate in its readings which mean that a positive result would be correct in the majority of the cases. When the sleep apnea home testing service results are positive, the doctor would advice the patient to take the polysomnograph test to confirm the diagnosis. In most of the cases both the results would complement each other to perfection.

Who Can Benefit Most From It?

If you are short of time and need to know whether or not you should be worrying about sleep apnea, this is one of the best methods to use. This test is very definite and very often accepted by the doctors, though they would still ask for another few tests which might have to be conducted in the sleep lab.

It has been designed well and it is exceptionally easy to use. It has become exceedingly popular because this product has a very low rate of failure. Another definite reason is that it is a very simple yet very effective way to find out whether you are affected by this dreadful condition. Therefore sleep apnea home testing service is a useful piece of equipment to detect sleep apnea.